Speck's History

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In 1953, Stanley B. Landis, aka Speck, started the original Speck's Drive-In on Ridge Pike in Limerick based on the idea of "Pipin' Hot Sandwiches" and good, affordable fast food. The home grown business was a big success in the small community, long before the fast-food franchise bonanza that defines the American landscape today.

Several years later, The Big Pixie, located at Ridge and Germantown Pikes, suffered a fire. Speck acquired the property and began operating at dual locations. The Limerick location changed hands many times over the years, with the last change in 1997 which included the name. This was a welcome change to the rest of the Speck's legacy, as the two locations had diverged in both style and menu.

The Collegeville location has remained in the family with many of Speck's children, their spouses and his grandchildren holding various roles over the years. Today, Speck's son Randy still owns the restaurant and is heavily involved the daily operations and overall business management. The restaurant is sill renowned for its sandwiches, but the Broasted® Chicken and homemade coleslaw are the primary draw. We pride ourselves on serving a delicious, fast, affordable meal and being a fun place to work too.

Today, Speck's is a Collegeville landmark and often the first stop for people returning to the area. We invite you to stop by and try some today!

"Chicken at its finest!"
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